HHLA offers its clients an immense range of services along the entire logistics chain, from the quay wall in the overseas port to its customers in the hinterland. The Group’s numerous subsidiary companies and affiliates are organized in four segments. You can find details of your sales partners in the separate companies by clicking on one of the links below.



The three HHLA Container Terminals Altenwerder, Burchardkai and Tollerort handle two-thirds of all containers in the Port of Hamburg. HHLA also operates an efficient container terminal in Odessa. The segment also includes companies providing a large variety of services require for containers and for port handling of ships. The service companies deal primarily with empty boxes.



HHLA subsidiaries provide a closely meshed network of intermodal transport solutions for the hinterland of Germany’s seaports, complemented by a growing number of inland terminals. METRANS connects the most important economic centres of central and southern Europe with the overseas trades. POLZUG’s block trains serve destinations well beyond Poland, as far as central Asia when the need occurs. The container forwarder CTD delivers containers ‘right to your door’ in Germany’s major conurbations and operates long-haul trucking.



UNIKAI operates a centre of excellence for vehicle logistics at O’Swaldkai. This is also the base for the operations of HHLA Frucht- and Kühl-Zentrum, the German market leader for fruit handling and logistics, and Ulrich Stein Spedition. HANSAPORT has brought coal and ore handling to perfection, while HHLA Logistics offers high-grade project and contract logistics. Specialized in consultancy companies, HPC and its subsidiaries HPTI and Uniconsult operate worldwide.