Fascinating technology

Fascinated by technology? Then the Port of Hamburg is right for you – nothing moves here without our massive container gantry cranes and automated portal cranes.

In three and a half years you can complete an apprenticeship to become an electronics technician for automation technology, an industrial mechanic, a mechatronics engineer or a mechatronics engineer for refrigeration technology. With these specialisations you will keep the modern heavy machinery and throughput at the port rolling.

You will gain practical experience at HHLA’s container terminals in Hamburg while academic lessons will be taught at a technical college. In addition, the Hamburg Vocational Training Centre (Hamburger Ausbildungszentrum) will provide a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills throughout the entire apprenticeship. This includes welding, milling and drilling. Mechatronics engineers for refrigeration technology largely learn these skills at the work place and in other external courses.