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What else we offer

In addition to in-depth training with lots of variety and personal development potential, HHLA has plenty more to offer: Here’s an overview:

HVV monthly tickets

During your apprenticeship or dual study course you will receive a subsidised HVV ticket that you can also use in your free time. We want to do our bit for the environment by offering you a more sustainable way to commute.

Skills acquisition

In addition to joint projects we offer the following and more to help you acquire new skills:

  • Seminars, some at our own technical college
  • Intercultural skills training
  • Addiction prevention seminars
  • Driver safety training
  • Optional period abroad
  • Driving licences for heavy machinery (forklift truck, tractor units, etc.)
  • Organisation of and participation in trade fairs

Trainee / student network

Numerous events per year allow for a familiar atmosphere between our more than 60 apprentices and dual students. The apprentices and dual students get to know each other in the first week and are introduced to our company by former apprentices and students. There are also other opportunities to work together. This allows strong employees to build strong networks that have a range of benefits, e.g. help from experienced apprentices and students. This network tends to remain in place long after apprenticeships or studies have ended.

Project work in apprenticeships and studies

Apprentices and dual students have the opportunity to get involved with various projects. The project team meets around twice a week and everyone presents their results to the group. New tasks are discussed and assigned at these meetings.

What makes project work interesting:

  • Apprentices and dual students from various years, careers and fields work together
  • Individuals take on responsibilities that allow them to develop beyond their field by acquiring new skills
  • The projects are real projects with implemented results
  • Working in projects helps you to build up your network


  • Gateway to the Youth - Project team for applicant acquisition consisting of apprentices and dual students
    • WebFuture – Design of the HHLA career website and representation of HHLA on career orientation websites
    • EventFuture - Organization of trade fair appearances and further development of the public presence
    • MediaFuture - Design and further development of the social media appearance
  • ESA (Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf) - Organization & implementation of volunteer work in social institutions
  • Organising introduction days for new apprentices and dual students


HHLA offers all employees a variety of seminars to help them develop individual skills. The seminars cover different topics with the aim of improving individual, social, professional and organisational skills. Participation is voluntary and free. Seminars are organised by experts and are usually held at our own technical college.


  • Communication and discussion
  • Office software training
  • Presentation training

Internship abroad

Our apprentices and dual students usually have at least one opportunity during their training to spend a period abroad. No matter what form this time abroad takes, the focus is always on getting to know how people work and how other companies are structured. This is a great opportunity for personal development and problem-solving in another language.

As an international company, knowing how to interact with other cultures is very important to HHLA. Understanding the business and working methods in other countries, particularly for those in specialist and managerial positions, is vital.

Semester abroad for students

We offer dual study course students the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at an international partner universities. Participating partner universities and programmes can be found on the homepages of our cooperating colleges. These colleges' international offices provide support for dual study course students including with preparation for their semester abroad.