Custom Funding Applications and Project Support

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting is renowned worldwide for its consultation services. In addition, HPC assists German and European port and transport companies and authorities with the development and implementation of funding projects.

As part of the funding management it offers, HPC has covered the entire funding landscape of the European Commission, the Federal Republic of Germany and the German states for almost 20 years. This includes investments in transport infrastructure (combined transport funding, CEF), sustainable transport systems (electromobility and hydrogen funding guidelines), industrial research (IHATEC, HORIZON2020) and international cooperation (INTERREG).

As an initial step, HPC identifies funding programmes that correspond to the development and investment plans and the strategic goals of the client in question. Next, HPC prepares a custom funding application whilst acting as the central contact partner for the approving authorities, agencies and bodies. HPC also provides substantive and administrative support for the projects, sometimes over a number of years. This continues from initiation of the project following receipt of confirmation of funding through to the final review upon the project’s completion.

Up to 80 percent of investments or up to 50 percent of development or research costs are subsidised during the implementation of a funding project. Often this alone makes the economic realisation of project goals possible. The applying company can expect competitive advantages as a result of envisaged technological improvements in energy consumption, sustainability and security; it also gains a leading edge in innovation and knowledge. Participation in such projects also allows a company to market itself to the public as a qualified, innovative company that acts sustainably.

Through HPC’s specialist knowledge, many years of experience and contacts, the customer’s management receives access to funding for investments and research projects. HPC offers to oversee the entire funding project cycle: project development, the search for partners, application preparation, rectification, financial management, reporting on content and review. The resulting consultancy fees will be compensated for many times over by the subsidies.

HPC successfully facilitated numerous IHATEC research applications for HHLA in 2018. Please see the examples listed here.