Learning from each other

Volunteering is essential for social cohesion and for strengthening democratic values and behaviour. Therefore, HHLA deepened its cooperation in 2021 with the Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf (ESA), which offers assistance, residential and educational services for people with disabilities as well as for children and young people.

Under the slogan “Learning from each other”, the AlsterPort service promotes voluntary work in the region. HHLA trainees and students have the opportunity to get involved through a number of initiatives. For example, pupils from inclusion classes are offered career guidance counselling and support with finding an internship. Students can also offer tailored leisure and holiday programmes based on their own interests and hobbies or mentor children who have grown up in an unstable environment. These honorary posts regularly give rise to events such as joint cooking evenings with the ESA residential groups. Especially during the challenging times of the pandemic, this form of community support is irreplaceable. The programme offers volunteers the opportunity to develop their personal, emotional and social skills. ESA Executive Board member Dr Thilo von Trott sees great potential in the project both for HHLA and for the foundation’s work: “Learning from each other – that is diversity in action. With our joint projects, we are creating a more inclusive world."

During Christmas 2021, AlsterPort supported the Kinder Wohnen Heidkoppel facility as well as the Alsterdorf Youth Centre with the “Wish Tree for ESA” campaign. Gustav Lobeda visited the facilities with another member of the HHLACore project to put Christmas presents under the tree for the children and teenagers. “Spending Christmas with family is beautiful and vital to all of us – and we have learned to value such moments because of the pandemic. Fulfilling a heartfelt wish for children who grow up without these privileges has filled me with great joy. I hope that our colleagues’ commitment will remain as impressive in future campaigns, because voluntary work is a great opportunity to change society for the better,” says Lobeda, a work-study student in human resources management. This year, the campaign is to be opened up to all HHLA employees in order to light up even more children’s eyes at Christmas.

Climate neutral by 2040

By implementing its balanced logistics strategy, HHLA brings ecological, social and economic responsibility into harmony.

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