Pack- und Servicezentrum

Pack- and Servicezentrum on Burchardkai stuffs and strips 1,000 containers per month, the equivalent of approx. 200,000 tons per year. For this, 20,000 m² of shed space with heating, a separate dangerous goods store, covered truck ramps and a rail link are available. The firm’s own heavy-duty forklifts (up to 28 t) and cranes (up to 70 t) transport almost every bail on the terminal. Seaworthy packing can be produced for freight of all types, and securely made fast by the lashing department. The range of services naturally also includes cargo checks, processing and storage, Customs clearance and veterinary inspections. Terminal Burchardkai is easy to reach by all modes of transport, for heavy goods too. The Pack- and Servicezentrum will be able to weigh single containers for VGM purposes.

/ 03.07.2019
Small gives way to large
The dismantling of three container gantry cranes at Burchardkai has begun: floating cranes are taking over from jibs.

/ 21.06.2019
HHLA an environmental partner in Hamburg for the last 10 years
Its membership is a public declaration of voluntary corporate environmental and climate protection in Hamburg.
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