Corona protection measures

Information for external companies, truck drivers and external visitors at Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG

Visitors and external companies on HHLA sites are currently only for necessary operational reasons allowed.

HHLA expressly points out the fact that everyone visiting a HHLA facility must observe the recommended hygiene measures of the Robert Koch Institute and the health authorities, as well as official decrees.

This includes in particular:

  • Persons, who travelled to an international risk region defined by Robert Koch Institute, have to follow the statutory requirements concerning quarantine and COVID-19 testing. Persons excluded from these requirements, for example truck drivers in cross-border transport operations, are asked to closely observe potential signs of disease. In case of disease please contact doctors and authorities before entering HHLA sites.
  • Persons suffering from COVID-19 who have visited an HHLA facility in the past 10 days should immediately inform the employer, the competent health authorities AND also HHLA, giving the following information:
    • Which HHLA facility did you visit?
    • When did you visit the HHLA facility (date and time)?
    • What contacts were there at the HHLA facility?
  • Following hygiene measures must be adhered to
    • The use of a mask to cover mouth and nose inside and around all buildings is obligated. Please follow the signs.
    • All HHLA canteens are closed to all external visitors
      • The measure applies to the canteens at CTA, CTB, CTT, Unikai, Frucht and St. Annen.
      • At CTA and CTB, HHLA has created external supply options. In the truck parking lots, there is a sales car, where drinks and snacks can be purchased to take away at the usual canteen prices.
    • Keep your distance and avoid unnecessary close contact with people
    • Avoid larger groups and crowds
    • Do not shake hands
    • Regular and thorough hand washing with soap
    • Coughing and sneezing into the crook of your arm or into paper towels. Dispose these then immediately
    • Do not touch the face
    • Avoid lifts if possible
    • Follow all further in-house regulations concerning hygienic measures