World Heritage Speicherstadt

Hamburg’s Speicherstadt historical warehouse district was designated along with the neighbouring Kontorhaus area as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 5 July 2015. The warehouse district, which is more than 125 years old, is a lively area and is used creatively for a diverse range of purposes. HHLA Real Estate is ensuring that the Speicherstadt is a commercial success and that it continues to attract millions of visitors as an area of historical value.

Town Hall of the Speicherstadt

St. Annen 1, the magnificent centre of the Speicherstadt warehouse district, is a cleverly converted office building.


Timeline of changes

Duty-free, relocation and a huge construction project. Then the destruction during World War II and the efforts to rebuild.


Hamburg’s Speicherstadt in pictures

UNESCO World Heritage Site: The images show the past and present of the world’s largest historical warehouse complex.


Night’s Lodging

HHLA had the former office building converted into a four-star hotel. The “Ameron Hotel Speicherstadt” impresses with a very special interior design.


When the Kaiser came to visit

Kaiser Wilhelm II himself reached for a trowel and polishing hammer to ceremoniously open the Speicherstadt district on 29 October 1888.


Building structure and architecture

The Speicherstadt historical warehouse district is characterised by the neo-Gothic brick architecture of the “Hanoverian School”.