Container-Transport-Dienst (CTD) is a specialist for container trucking in one of the largest container hubs in the world. CTD is using technical innovation, to optimize the logistics processes and to speed up transportation. In addition containers are positioned throughout the whole of Germany and Europe-wide. Usually purely truck traffic, but parts of the tours are completed using barges or trains. Branch offices in a number of economic centres provide optimal onsite customer service.

/ 21.06.2019
HHLA an environmental partner in Hamburg for the last 10 years
Its membership is a public declaration of voluntary corporate environmental and climate protection in Hamburg.

Eingang Ost

/ 29.05.2019
HHLA presents innovations in Munich
Everything at HHLA’s stand will revolve around pioneering innovations.
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Faster Handling via App

With the introduction of the driver app, CTD has cemented its reputation as a pioneer in digital process optimisation.