Articles of Association

As of June 2017

I. General Provisions

Art. 1 Company, Registered Office
Art. 2 Object of the Company, Corporate Purpose


II. Nominal capital and shares

Art. 3 Nominal Capital; Types of Shares; Corporate Divisions
Art. 4 Dividend Rights for Holders of A and S-shares
Art. 5 Registered Shares, Securitization, Share Certificates
Art. 6 Redemption of Shares


III. Constitution of the Company

Art. 7 Company Bodies

The Executive board

Art. 8 Composition
Art. 9 Management and Representation of the Company

the supervisory Board

Art. 10 Composition and Term of Office; Substitute Members
Art. 11 Duties; Responsibility
Art. 12 Rules of Procedure
Art. 13 Meetings; Convening
Art. 14 Adoption of Resolutions
Art. 15 Committees
Art. 16 Remuneration

annual general meeting (AGM)

Art. 17 Duties; Responsibility
Art. 18 Location, Time and Convening of the AGM
Art. 19 Requirements for Participation and
Exercise of Voting Rights
Art. 20 Voting Rights
Art. 21 Chairing the General Meeting; Participation of Members
of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board
Art. 22 Adoption of Resolutions
Art. 23 Minutes of the AGM


IV. Financial year and annual financial statements

Art. 24 Financial Year
Art. 25 Annual Financial Statements; Management Report;
Group Financial Statements and
Group Management Report
Art. 26 Revenue Reserves
Art. 27 Capital Reserves
Art. 28 Appropriation of Profits


V. Connections to the free and hanseatic city of hamburg

Art. 29 Special Rights of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg


Art. 30 Announcements


Art. 31 Allocation to the S-Division
Art. 32 Right to Information