Millions of eyes see more than two

Artificial intelligence (AI) that helps to check containers for damage – that is the goal of the COOKIE research project. In the long term, it would shorten the process and customers could regain access to empty containers more quickly. An important contribution to “just-in-time” logistics in the maritime industry.

At HHLA’s subsidiary HCCR, thousands of empty containers stack up waiting to be thoroughly checked – still manually – for damage and might also require to be cleaned or repaired. Only after that can they be loaded onto a container ship. In the future, we are set to see more targeted classification and processing of damage made possible through the use of artificial intelligence.

The first step is developing an AI-supported application for image recognition that can identify and assess damage. Our project partner, the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics, is currently working on this. With the help of deep learning, AI is learning using approximately 1.8 million classified images of damage. In future, inspectors will be supported by automation while identifying and assessing damage to empty containers.

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