Containers on new roads

Transporting containers through a tube using magnetic levitation technology – HHLA is working together with US company HyperloopTT to make this vision a reality. They established “HyperPort Cargo Solutions” (HCS) to collaborate on the development of key components for a Hyperloop transport system. The new technology is to be marketed worldwide in the port and transport logistics sector. (Photo: Mormedi 2021 Proprietary information)

Following a two-year development period, the technical concept for the transport capsules and HyperPort™ is now ready. A virtual demonstration of HyperPort and the transport capsules will first be shown at the ITS Congress. HyperPort was developed based on current industry standards and is a plug-and-play solution for large port operators around the world.

The concept makes it possible to transport containerised goods at high speed over hundreds of kilometres. The system can move approximately 2,800 containers per day in a closed operating environment – without traffic or environmental influences and in an efficient and safe manner. The traffic system, which is powered by electricity, operates with a high level of energy efficiency and would help to significantly reduce the use of high-emission transportation (for example by truck).

HyperloopTT and HHLA present HyperPort™️

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