Rise of the machines

Self-driving trucks operate autonomously at the HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA), and even the loading and unloading processes are fully automated. This may sound like science fiction, but it has already been tested with MAN Truck & Bus as part of a joint project on driverless vehicles at the Port of Hamburg. The goal: to actively shape the goods transport of the future. “Hamburg TruckPilot” is the name of the highly innovative project for the development of automated solutions in road transport.

This is how tests are carried out: the truck receives the autonomous driving order via touchpad at the check gate. It autonomously drives to the assigned block storage to deliver its container. The drive is monitored by a MAN safety driver. The truck is even able to back into a parking space in the assigned block storage aisle with high precision. The truck then autonomously leaves the CTA.

In future, “Hamburg TruckPilot” is expected to provide truck drivers with both support and relief. Drivers are thus able to leave their vehicles during the subsequent autonomous loading and unloading at the terminal and use that time for mandatory breaks. Other advantages include reduced fuel consumption, which is a result of anticipatory, automated driving, and increased safety.