/ 22.05.2019

HHLA’s AGV makes its way to the Hamburg port museum

The HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) operates a fleet of approximately 90 automated automated guided vehicles (AGV) that for the most part still run on diesel fuel. However, since 2017 the powerful ground-handling vehicles are being gradually converted to lithium-ion batteries. All previously diesel-driven vehicles will be replaced by the end of 2022. Soon, people will only be able to see first-generation diesel-powered hydraulic vehicles in museums, which is the exact reason HHLA gave the Hafenmuseum Hamburg (port museum) a decommissioned model.

On Tuesday, the HHLA 4 floating crane carried the 25-tonne machine by water from Altenwerder to the 50-sheds in the port. The AGV29 was positioned close to the VC26 from 1971, which is the last remaining first-generation straddle carrier in Germany. This container storage veteran also came from HHLA.

Since the CTA terminal was opened in 2002, the AGV29 has driven 100,000 operating hours, and is still functional. Carsten Jordan, Director of the Hafenmuseum Hamburg, thanked HHLA for the gift: “The port museum is delighted to receive a new showpiece that will first and foremost represent the modern container port of Hamburg. We will design a special place for it in the outer area where visitors can look forward to seeing it.”