/ 15.01.2015
New Straddle Carriers at Burchardkai
The modern diesel-electric vehicles generate 95 percent less emissions.
/ 08.01.2015
Burchardkai: Rugenberger Damm Now in Use
HPA has opened the first section of the new road link to traffic.
/ 05.01.2015
Metrans runs new terminal
HHLA’s rail subsidiary Metrans puts new Elbe terminal between Dresden und Prag into operation.
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Rail Port Hamburg

Among European ports – and indeed worldwide – Hamburg is at the top as a rail port. Read more on the success story.


Constant change

The Port of Hamburg is developing in a constant change. See new pictures of stevedoring, rail traffic, trucking and shipping.


Your Path to HHLA

From the wide range of vocational training opportunities, on through the trainee programmes, to directly joining the Group as a specialist manager, HHLA offers a diversified range of opportunities.



The NTC team has their eye on large vessels, so that they traverse the river Elbe at the right time.



The port is one of Hamburg’s most popular places of interest. Take a look at it from a bird’s eye view.


Additional information for truckers

Up-to-date information about traffic and detailed maps of the terminal make the trip easier for truck drivers.


Flagship E-mobility Project

See, how battery-operated heavy goods vehicles transport containers. The aim is to charge the batteries when the grid has a surplus of renewable energy.



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