HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder is recognized worldwide as state-of-the-art. With its high degree of automation and its compact layout, HHLA’s newest terminal sets the scene for the future of container handling. The most advanced technology and innovative EDP system ensure efficient discharging and loading of large container ships, especially. The volume of standard containers has grown steeply since the terminal was taken into service in summer, 2002. 

/ 07.04.2014
At Hannover Messe with BESIC
HHLA is presenting BESIC, a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as a beacon project for electromobility, from 7–11 April 2014 at Hannover Messe.
/ 17.03.2014
Largest Ship Propeller Transshipped
Floating crane 'HHLA IV' transshipped the world's largest container ship propeller
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Click and Be Amazed!

Insight into an innovative project: batteries of container carriers are supposed to be charged with peak loads of green energy.


As if by magic

A novel terminal layout and specially developed work processes have made container handling safer and more efficient. This is how it works.


From the port to the hinterland

Who are the people that control and shift the flow of containers? Set to music composed of original sounds!


Sustainable Optimiser

As a project manager for terminal development at the CTA, Boris Wulff aims to make the facility even more efficient – and environmentally friendly.


Pictures from Altenwerder

Form your own impression of the Container Terminal Alternwerder! Impressive photographs, cutting-edge technology and portraits of our staff`s workplaces.


The time-lapse film shows what stages a container goes through from the ship to the truck or railcar at Container Terminal Altenwerder.