Burchardkai (CTB)

HHLA Terminal Burchardkai is the largest and oldest facility for container handling in the Port of Hamburg. The first steel boxes were unloaded here in 1968 and today the terminal handles one in three of all containers in the Port of Hamburg. 30 container gantry cranes work on thousands of ships that tie up annually; many hundreds of rail cars are loaded and discharged every day. With the programme of expansion and modernization now in progress, terminal capacity will be extended step by step.

/ 21.04.2016
Thank you to those working in logistics
HHLA Executive Board member Dr. Behn personally handed out the tasty treats to truck drivers at HHLA Terminal Tollerort.
/ 07.03.2016
Collaboration in Shunting at the Port of Hamburg
The more than 1,000 shunting movements carried out every day in the Port of Hamburg are to be made more efficient.
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Handling Times during spring holiday period

Get informed on the Truck Handling times at the HHLA Container Terminals during the holidays in spring 2016.


A Glimpse into the Engine House

Take a closer look at the construction of a tandem container gantry crane: Who steers it? What can it lift? And how do its jibs move?



The port is one of Hamburg’s most popular places of interest. Take a look at it from a bird’s eye view.


Stuffing and Service

250 containers per day are stuffed and stripped at the Burchardkai container stuffing and service center, approx. 450,000 tons per year.