The HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort impresses with an extremely compact and flexible facility. Straddle carriers running on green power stack the steel boxes in four tiers and ensure efficient use of the space, which will be optimised as a result of restructuring at the terminal. Docks, which are at capacity, have been expanded to create additional yard space. The quayside will be developed and equipped with new gantry cranes to handle the largest container ships. 

/ 13.07.2016
Efficient Coordination Now for Inland Vessels
Alongside mega-ship and feeder traffic, the HVCC is also coordinating the inland vessels that call at the Port of Hamburg.
/ 30.06.2016
New SOLAS Regulations Take Effect
From July, verified gross mass will be the only type of weight declaration that the Hamburg HHLA terminals will be accepting for the stowing and loading process.
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Larger Turning Circle at Tollerort

The removal of a promontory at Tollerort will improve the facility’s accessibility from 2017. Construction work is in time.



The port is one of Hamburg’s most popular places of interest. Take a look at it from a bird’s eye view.



At Tollerort, straddle-carriers are shifting two 20-ft boxes simultaneously. This boost to efficiency is proving very welcome to customers.