HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort is the smallest and most personal of HHLA’s container terminals in the Port of Hamburg and sets great store on flexibility and client satisfaction. Straddle carriers with environment-friendly propulsion stack the steel boxes in four layers, ensuring efficient use of space that is being further optimized by the rebuilding of the terminal. In-filled port basins have already been taken into service as additional storage spaces, while a recently completed on-dock container terminal using state-of-the-art transtainers has boosted rail throughput capacity fivefold.

/ 14.03.2014
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Browsing the HHLA web pages has gotten easier! Automatic completion when entering terms makes searching much easier.
/ 18.02.2014
Roadway plans for terminals online
Helpful roadway plans for the HHLA terminals can be viewed and downloaded.
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From the port to the hinterland

Who are the people that control and shift the flow of containers? Set to music composed of original sounds!


In the fast Lane

Trucking 2.0, under the guiding hand of process manager Dr Nicole Lehmkuhl, is increasing the efficiency of processes at the check-in gates of the HHLA terminals.



At Tollerort, straddle-carriers are shifting two 20-ft boxes simultaneously. This boost to efficiency is proving very welcome to customers.