HHLA’s two floating cranes can shift project cargo and break bulk weighing up to 300 tons. And this not only in the Port of Hamburg, where the floating cranes are available everywhere at a minimum of notice, but also all down the Lower Elbe to Brunsbüttel. The floating cranes go into action wherever the objects cannot be loaded by container gantry cranes or other shore-based equipment because of their size and/or weight. The individual cranes can heave loads of 100 and 200 tons, respectively, or also transport them by water.

/ 21.04.2016
Thank you to those working in logistics
HHLA Executive Board member Dr. Behn personally handed out the tasty treats to truck drivers at HHLA Terminal Tollerort.
/ 07.03.2016
Collaboration in Shunting at the Port of Hamburg
The more than 1,000 shunting movements carried out every day in the Port of Hamburg are to be made more efficient.
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History of the floating cranes

The HHLA floating cranes, built in 1941 and 1957, are still performing heavy-duty tasks to this day.


See the Blue Port Hamburg

HHLA is supporting BLUE PORT and was at the event with a floating crane as the port was bathed in a magical blue light. Have a look for yourself!