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/ 19.08.2014
Exhibition at the fishing harbour
Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona presents historical photographs to the exhibition 350 years Altona.
/ 14.08.2014
Revenue and earnings improved
HHLA increases container throughput in Hamburg by 2.1 % and container transport by 9.0 %.
/ 05.08.2014
Better Info on the Traffic Situation
HHLA provides online Information on the Traffic Situation at the Container Terminals.
/ Further Details

Port of Hamburg with record performance

Record performance handling a total of 72.6 million tons. Container handling achieves a result of 4.8 million TEU and gains market share.


Additional information for truckers

Up-to-date information about traffic and detailed maps of the terminal make the trip easier for truck drivers.


Hamburg Port museum

The Hamburg Port Museum in the historic “50s sheds” sparkles with a huge range of exhibits.


See the Blue Port Hamburg

HHLA is supporting BLUE PORT and was at the event with a floating crane as the port was bathed in a magical blue light. Have a look for yourself!


Flagship E-mobility Project

See, how battery-operated heavy goods vehicles transport containers. The aim is to charge the batteries when the grid has a surplus of renewable energy.


Sustainability report 2013

HHLA with it’s sustainable business model sets a high value on transparency.