Haulage companies and truck drivers

Please find out about the procedures at our terminals before your journey. To do so, we are providing you here with information, maps and brochures.

/ 24.02.2017
Construction project Waltershof
The bridges at Waltershof are to be renewed and a third track laid in an extensive building project.
/ 09.02.2017
Angela Titzrath on the Federal Administrative Court’s Ruling
Statement from the Chairwoman of HHLA’s Executive Board regarding the dredging of the river Elbe.
/ Further details

Roadway plans for the terminals

The plans provide information on driving in the HHLA container terminals and on the stations there.


Pre-announcement for trucks required

HHLA has introduced a obligatory pre-announcement for truck visits at its container terminals.


Pre-announcement FAQ

We provide answers to the frequently asked questions surrounding the obligatory pre-announcement.


Slot booking

The slot-booking process helps to prevent bottlenecks by making it easier for all those involved to plan the volume of traffic.


How do I use TR02?

Truck drivers and haulage companies exchange transport data with the terminals via the TR02 data interface. How does it work?