Focus on people

Knowledge, health, motivation and a corporate culture in partnership are not only important factors for staff satisfaction. They are essential for the long-term success of the Group. HHLA’s personnel policy is future-oriented: with high investments in vocational and in-service training, comprehensive preventive medicine and on-going modernization of its remuneration system, HHLA sets benchmarks with its active personnel policy.


Fixed and reliable income is the reward for the level of commitment that HHLA expects from its staff in achieving the Group’s targets. Being based on a collective agreement, at HHLA the rules for remuneration and other work conditions have both importance and rests on a long tradition. The modern remuneration system with variable salary components for the HHLA management has also proven its worth.  Therefore in the coming years, the extension of performance-related components of wages and salaries is at the heart of the modernization of the remuneration system.

Ongoing qualification

Only lifelong learning will make it possible for our staff, to fulfil the exacting requirements of our customers for mastering the challenges of the market. Therefore today HHLA is working on the expertise that will be required tomorrow: with a wide range of vocational training places leading to formal qualifications, enormous investments in both vocational and in-service training, as well as concentrating on our sponsoring activities for the advancement of training institutions.

Health management

Sustaining staff health both for today and tomorrow is a central corporate objective at HHLA. This is taken care of by steadily developed and improved health management, intermeshing safety at work, health protection, occupational medicine, company rehabilitation management as well as preventive programmes. With innovative concepts and exemplary standards HHLA sets benchmarks, which are regularly recognized with prizes and awards.

Company pension scheme and lifetime work savings account

HHLA supports its staff in taking advantage of the company pension scheme. Lifetime work savings accounts were introduced in almost all group companies. This provides the opportunity to individually structure lifetime working hours, without having to face pension shortfall, due to claiming early benefits.