We are diversity

We are the port, we are logistics, we are Hamburg and we are people from around 40 nations who work together and shape the future of HHLA. Here, people of different generations come together and we promote equal opportunities for all employees.  We learn from this diversity every day. Who are we? We are HHLA! #HHLAdiversity


Cultural openness and tolerance

As an international logistics company with roots in Hamburg, HHLA stands for cultural openness and tolerance. We live diversity in many different ways and have reaffirmed this approach by signing the German Diversity Charter, the German employer initiative for recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity in the working environment.


By signing the Diversity Charter we underline our commitment to a working environment which promotes diversity and bias-free collaboration – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin or social background, religion or worldview, physical and mental ability, age, or sexual orientation.

Digitalisation needs women

The inclusion of women in digitalisation and technology leads to more creative solutions and holds greater potential for innovations that also meet women's needs and promote gender equality.

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Cultural diversity within our teams

HHLA brings people from different countries and cultures together. The majority of our employees in Hamburg are primarily from northern Germany, however the proportion of different nationalities has steadily risen in recent years. Our international subsidiaries and consulting company Hamburg Port Consulting have contributed significantly to this. However, at our location in Hamburg and in the traditional transshipment business HHLA is also becoming more international and more attractive to  applicants from all over the world. We experience the benefits of this every day. Our projects and teams benefit greatly from a diverse mindset and working manner with a variety of perspectives and approaches. Above all, it enriches us on a human level. It’s great that we are able to learn from and with our fellow co-workers every day:

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▶️ About everyday earthquakes

Warm, outside of Europe and a star in the flag - which country are we looking for?

▶️ About fish in cans and shopping fun

Hamburg is pretty much in the north of Germany, though some countries are even further north than this. Where could this be?

Cross-generational work environment

The combination of experience and fresh ideas in our diverse teams encourages the best results and, above all, promotes a culture of learning from one another. Our experienced colleagues, some of whom have been with HHLA for over 30 years, impart their valuable skills and expertise garnered and perfected over time to the next generation. On the other hand, our new recruits and young employees bring fresh ideas and innovative approaches to the table. At HHLA, we have therefore developed special concepts with the aim of supporting cross-generational learning.

Highly experienced and specially trained instructors at the HHLA technical school teach trainees the basics and tricks of the trade and support practical experience by providing detailed feedback. For dual-study workers, HHLA offers a tailored mentoring programme whereby long-standing employees offer their time and expertise as part of regular meetings and impart valuable tips for career progress. Graduates who join us after finishing university are given intensive training in their respective department by long-standing colleagues. In contrast, our experienced colleagues benefit from the knowledge of the digital natives and can learn the odd new approach or two regarding digitalisation and technology from the younger ones. Experienced and new employees work together in cross-functional teams as multipliers for their colleagues and enable learning on an equal footing.

This unique dynamic is consciously supported by HHLA and creates room for what’s really important: each day, we see the mutual understanding, tolerance and appreciation grow between the generations.

Equal opportunities for all

Everyone can fulfil their professional goals at HHLA. Many areas of the HHLA's working environment were historically dominated by men. However, the proportion of women is increasing and is strongly encouraged. Women work at all levels here, whether as crane drivers, mechanics, terminal developers or board members. We are heavily committed to encouraging more women and young girls to undertake technical and commercial professions, support them and show them that gender discrimination and stereotypes do not exist at HHLA. To achieve this, we regularly host events such as the ‘Mädchenwirtschaft’ rally, the Hacker School or internships to give prospective young girls a look behind the scenes at HHLA and to gather initial practical experience in various professional areas. This has led to the start of a career for several young women!

The aim of HHLA is to offer exciting career opportunities for women. We have set ourselves ambitious goals of increasing the proportion of women in managerial positions. For internal and external positions, we therefore ensure that women are given opportunities to develop and encourage them to seize opportunities. In order to promote networking among women within and outside of the company, we are involved in various exchange formats for women.

We also offer equal pay, where men and women earn the same tariff-based wages for a respective position. The only thing that matters is technical knowledge, experience and knowledge!

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Female power in the workshop

Anita Hensen, a mechanic at the SCB Service Center Burchardkai, repairs container bridges at a height of 80 metres with a steady hand.

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One for all – all for one!

The topic of inclusion has been a matter close to the heart of HHLA for many years. A handicap should not restrict someone from joining HHLA - quite the opposite! Among the HHLA employees in Germany, almost ten percent are severely disabled or similar and have a safe and appropriate workplace to come to each day.

To further increase acceptance of the topic of inclusion, HHLA supports the ‘Innoklusio’ project by the project sponsor Dialogue Social Enterprise. At the end of the three-year project duration, several employees and managers take place in voluntary further training whereby they are informed about the numerous benefits of inclusion. They then act as ambassadors to transport these ideas into the company culture.

Another commitment of our HHLA employees is the AlsterPort project. This is a cooperation between HHLA and the Evangelical Foundation Alsterdorf (ESA). Dedicated students and trainees work on various projects to promote inclusion and social involvement. The aim is for young people from different backgrounds to come together and learn from one another. Find out more about this great project here!

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