A safe start to professional life

Training motivated junior employees is a top priority for us. Career starters are integrated into everyday work right from the start at HHLA and are able to gain practical experience with us. In addition to individual mentoring and a comprehensive introduction, working on joint projects together with other career starters in various training programmes makes finding your feet much easier.

We offer great opportunities for young people who are able to work in teams and willing to learn. Whether at a container gantry, at the quay edge, in the holding in the warehouse district or at a subsidiary: our operational areas are incredibly diverse and varied. There are many roads to a permanent future position with us. Find out about our dual study courses as well as our training and apprenticeship opportunities.

Our top benefits

For us, it is very important to prepare you for your career, to invest in your further training, and to create optimal framework conditions for your entry into the working world. Apart from exciting tasks and comprehensive professional know-how, we have many more interesting benefits for you:

We offer a fair and good salary during your training/studies and a Christmas bonus. In addition, we offer a contribution to your rent and to IT hardware as well as a discounted Germany ticket.


We offer you the opportunity to gather experience abroad, whether in the form of a semester abroad, with an exchange or with a practical assignment with one of our companies abroad. In addition, we support you when participating in volunteer projects of the International Association of Students in Economics and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC) and also with study trips.


We let you think outside the box and allow you to network with our trainees and dual degree programme students. Together you can get involved in projects that go beyond your own professional field, for example, by supporting our social media work, training marketing or through your involvement in social projects.


We support you with your individual competencies in a wide variety of learning formats, such as communication and conversation skills, IT training or project management. Together with you we develop many skills in exciting and interactive workshops and give you the opportunity to apply what you have learnt in practice right away.


Trade fairs and events

Want to get to know us better? We'd like to meet you too!  You can meet our trainees and dual degree programme students who will tell you first-hand about their experiences at numerous trade fairs and events.

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