Digitalisation needs women: HHLA success stories

The United Nation's theme for this year's International Women's Day is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”. Including women and other marginalised groups in digitalisation and technology leads to more creative solutions, holds greater potential for innovations that also meet the needs of women and promotes gender equality. 

We asked four women working in digital professions at HHLA about their jobs – and their advice for women seeking similar careers.

“Be ready to take responsibility and accept challenges”

… this is just one advice Laura Miggo has for women who want to enter a digital profession. Laura works as project manager in IT consulting at our subsidiary Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC).

“Working closely with colleagues and clients to develop holistic, customised digitalisation strategies is what I enjoy the most”, she says.

Laura Miggo shows that women are also working and succeeding in digital and innovative professions. In her day-to-day work, she leads digitalisation projects: “My focus is on IT implementation projects and the organisational challenges that companies face in the context of complex, digital transformations.”

With her work, Laura is shaping the future of logistics: “Digital solutions optimise and automate processes and workflows. Not only the competitive environment, but also customer expectations and global challenges demand reliable, flexible, transparent and cost-efficient processes. Digital solutions result in efficiency gains that lead to better customer satisfaction, higher delivery accuracy and a reduction in mistakes.”

“Use your strengths”

Britta Sommer, Terminal Development

Supporting female role models

More women in top management ensure more diversity within the company.

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“Just do it and try it out”

… is the advice Selina Postels has for women who seek to work in a digital profession. Selina started working at HHLA in 2013 as a dual student. Now she works in terminal development as a project manager at our climate-neutral Container Terminal Altenwerder in Hamburg.

Here, she is mainly responsible for automation projects: Selina’s daily work includes developing technical concepts, coordinating interfaces and puting those concepts into practice with suppliers and colleagues.

For Selina Postels, her job “enables further optimisation of process steps and forms the basis for the continuous improvement of our service”, which is what makes her profession so important for shaping the future of logistics.

And what does she like most about her job? “The most enjoyable part for me is the personal responsibility and solving complex problems. The best experiences are putting automation projects into operation.”

“Don't panic when a problem occurs”

Jekaterina Trõnova, IT Support

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