Slot-Booking for truck visits

The container ships which are handled at the Port of Hamburg have become bigger and bigger in recent years. Bigger ships mean more truck visits in the days around the ship’s arrival. The slot-booking process for truck drivers is designed to avoid bottlenecks at the Port of Hamburg and to relieve traffic.

A handling time (slot) must always be booked at the terminal for every container transport subject to mandatory pre-announcement. A valid slot booking is needed before a truck can be processed at the terminal.

The slot-booking process helps to prevent bottlenecks by making it easier for all parties to plan the volume of traffic at the port. Truck visits and terminal capacity are synchronised via the slot-booking process. Slot booking will begin at the HHLA container terminals in Hamburg on a trial basis in the fourth quarter of 2017. Following introduction of the system, an appointment will be required for processing at the terminal. This applies to all types of transport subject to mandatory pre-announcement.

More on mandatory pre-announcement

The slot-booking process involves the pre-announcement of transport data via the TR02 data interface. The TR02 message already includes the scheduled transport time. In the future, the terminals will be able to use this information as the basis for booking slots. If sufficient capacities are available at the requested time, the truck visit can be booked. Otherwise, the system automatically offers the next available time slot.

More on truck processing with a slot booking

When a truck arrives at the terminal, the arrival time is compared with the booked slot. If the truck arrives on time (60-minute slot +/–30 minutes’ leeway), the transport is processed as scheduled. If the agreed time window cannot be adhered to, the visit must be cancelled before the truck arrives. Otherwise, processing of the truck cannot be guaranteed and will only happen within the extended leeway period (+/– an additional 60 minutes) if capacity utilisation allows it (Priority 2, see chart). If there is a significant deviation from the time window (Priority 3, see chart), the slot must be cancelled before the truck arrives and booked newly in a fitting time slot.

Please note that it is not possible to make a slot booking at the terminal. Please also note that truck drivers are not authorised to wait in the terminal parking area.

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