Dividends enable shareholders to participate in the company’s success. HHLA pursues a yield-orientated dividend distribution policy, which aims to pay out between 50 % and 70 % of net profit for the year after non-controlling interests in the form of dividends.

On the basis of the earnings achieved in 2018, the Annual General Meeting on 18 June 2019 approved a dividend of € 0.80 per class A share.

HHLA’s appropriation of profit was thus guided once again by both the development of results in the financial year ended and the continuation of its dividend policy of distributing between 50 % and 70 % of the relevant net profit of the Port Logistics subgroup to its shareholders.

Key figures201420152016201720182019
Dividend per class A share€ 0.52€ 0.59€ 0.59€ 0.67€ 0.80€ 0.70
Dividend yield as of %4.2 %3.3 %2.8 %4.6 %2.9 %
Earnings per share as of 31.12.€ 0.75€ 0.84€ 0.91€ 1.02€ 1.47€ 1.34
Payout ratio69 %70 %65 %66 %54 %52 %
Total payout class A shares€ 36.4m€ 41.3m€ 41.3m€ 46.9m€ 56.0m€ 49.0m

2019: Dividend proposal

Information on the dividend payment

HHLA transferred the dividend regarding the class A share to shareholders' accounts at the depositary banks on 21 June 2019 via Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt; after deduction of 25 % capital gains tax and 5.5 % of the amount of capital gains tax as a solidarity surcharge (26.375 %) and possibly church tax. The payout was made by Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt.

Dividend notification (PDF, German)

Dividend for 2018

Course of events
28.03.2019Publication of dividend proposal (Annual Report 2018)
18.06.2019Dividend resolution on the Annual General Meeting (dividend date)
19.06.2019Share listing ex dividend
21.06.2019Dividend payment (value date)