It's a match!

Who actually shapes the future of the company? For example Marikka Borgmann, recruiter with the mission to ideally fill open positions in the company. How does she select the right candidates and what does she want to read in an application?


I get motivated by motivating other people!

Marikka Borgmann has been working as a recruiter at HHLA since autumn 2020.

More than 6,600 people work for HHLA worldwide. Some remain loyal to the company throughout their entire working lives, others now work with their children and pass on the tradition within the family. In addition, there are always new employees from outside the company. Finding the perfect match between employer and employee is a tricky task that has to be solved differently almost every day. Marikka is the right contact person for this. Every day, she deals with the most diverse advertisements, applications and recruiting interviews.


I love my homeland!

Having grown up in Sylt, the song "Nordic by Nature" applies perfectly to Marikka. While most tourists probably think of holidays, crabs or champagne when they think of the North Sea island, it's completely different for her. When she hears the name "Sylt", she is immersed in another world. And if she has to describe the difference between Hamburg and her North Sea island in just one word, she says - watch the video for the answer.


Who knows Marikka?

At HHLA's Hamburg headquarters, the historic Speicherstadt town hall, the HR department works on the sixth floor. There, the offices are usually shared by several employees. In times of HomeOffice and RemoteWork, do personal relationships come up short or do people know each other? Click on the film that asks questions and finds answers.

Work and career at HHLA

So much for the personality, now for the job. Everyone has probably applied to a company at least once, more or less successfully. What do companies look for in applications and what should you leave out? What role do degrees play compared to experience? Because this cannot be explained in two lines, we have a separate section on our website dedicated exclusively to the application process at HHLA. This is how applications to us become more successful!


Thinking about applying?

Have you found the right job? Then lay the foundation for your HHLA career with well-prepared application documents and a successful meeting.

The ABC of how you succeed!

Varied tasks in recruiting

Time and again you find the reference to a "varied job" in advertisements. Does that also apply to Marikka's area of responsibility? Anyone who thinks that the HR department only sifts through applications and conducts job interviews is wrong. This video shows that there is a lot of creativity at HHLA and in the HR department. Every new day is a little different.

Our next match?

Were we convincing? Then apply right away! At the bottom of the page is a link to the vacancies. And finally, Marikka reveals in the film what she enjoys most about her job. It's worth clicking on "Play"!


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