passify: Digital solution for truck handling

passify is a digital solution which allows truckers to access HHLA's Hamburg container terminals in a safer and more efficient way. The passify app will replace the current truck handling process involving the trucker card. The product was developed by HHLA Next, the innovation unit of HHLA.

The passify app digitalises truck handling at HHLA's Hamburg terminals. The switch from the trucker card to passify will in particular increase the security of truck access and in the future also simplify handling for truck drivers.


Maximum security in line with the highest international ISPS standard through digital driver authentication


Full integration into gate processes and terminal operations


Registration and access to the terminal via smartphone app

Every day, more than 6,000 truck drivers pass through the HHLA terminals in Hamburg to deliver or collect containers. Previously, drivers were given access to the terminals using their own plastic trucker card. In order to make truck handling at the HHLA terminals even more efficient and secure in the future, the previous trucker card will be replaced by the smartphone app passify. 

Passify will be fully integrated into the terminal processes and will further digitalise the gate processes. The system will accompany truck drivers through the entire check-in process and will also offer drivers additional functionalities, such as a mobile self-service terminal, in a central app. 

As each driver is uniquely identified with the help of passify, security at the entrances to the facilities is also increased. Passify guarantees the standards in terms of security and data protection and fulfils all the requirements of the globally applicable ISPS code.

Since January 2024, HHLA has been gradually replacing the conventional plastic trucker card with passify at its Hamburg sites. All trucking companies will then gradually gain access to passify. They will be actively supported in the transformation from the trucker card to passify. It will also explain how drivers can register and verify themselves for use in the smartphone app.

Questions and answers

Passify is an application for the digitalisation of truck handling, which makes handling easier and safer for both truck drivers and the terminal. In the first step, passify replaces the conventional trucker card and will subsequently be supplemented with additional functionalities.

Passify is needed (like the trucker card today) to identify yourself as a truck driver at the terminal, to gain access and to register at the individual check-in points at the terminal.

In order to use passify, truck drivers need to register and be verified individually. With the user account, users can select the terminal to be used within the app. Once checked in at the terminal, QR codes are scanned to register readiness. The driver then receives further instructions on the screens at the terminal.

To use passify, you need a functioning smartphone with the passify app installed and a verified user account. Important note: Location services and camera must work on the smartphone and be activated for passify.

The passify app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore. If smartphones do not have access to the stores, the app will be provided directly by the passify team. In this case, you are welcome to send an e-mail directly to: 

Passify only collects mandatory personal user data. All data collected is processed in accordance with the GDPR standard and stored securely on servers in Germany.

The passify app itself is free of charge. To access the HHLA container terminals, a one-time purchase of a licence key, the passify GoKey, in the amount of 25 € is required. Beyond this one-time fee, there are no ongoing costs for using passify as a replacement for the conventional trucker card.

Truck handling becomes more digital as the physical trucker card is replaced by a mobile app. Drivers always have passify with them on their smartphone as a replacement for their trucker card. By registering once in the app, drivers are given permanent access to the terminals. In the future, it will no longer be necessary to apply for a new card if they lose or forget one, and defective cards will also be a thing of the past. In the future, the functionalities of passify will also be expanded to make check-in at the terminal even more convenient for truck drivers. 

The use of passify will be mandatory at HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort (CTT) from the 1st of July 2024. The other HHLA container terminals in Hamburg will follow soon.

passify can currently be used at HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort (CTT) and will be successively introduced at the other HHLA container terminals in Hamburg.

Passify is now available for all truck drivers and can currently be used at Container Terminal Tollerort (CTT). We will inform you about the other terminals in good time.

  1. passify is now freely accessible for all drivers.
  2. From the 10th of June 2024, you as a trucking company or the driver can purchase the passify GoKey.
  3. Until the 17th of June 2024, a discount of 10% on the passify GoKey applies to every registration, which will be applied automatically.
  4. From the 1st of July 2024, truck drivers will only be able to drive on the CTT with passify. The trucker card can then no longer be used for the CTT.
  5. From the 15th of July 2024, the CTT will continue to be accessible to all drivers registered in passify with the passify GoKey.

Initially, passify is available in the following languages: German, English, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Croatian, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, French, Arabic, Spanish, Swedish, Danish. Other languages (Czech, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Lithuanian...) will follow in the course of 2024.

As soon as a user has requested access with passify for a terminal, the trucker card will be blocked for this terminal. However, the trucker card and the associated TruckerID can still be used for all other terminals and for slot bookings via TruckGate until the trucker card has been completely replaced at the HHLA terminals.

The passify team is happy to provide the app directly on company mobile phones. Please send an e-mail directly to:

Apart from the 25 € for the passify GoKey, there are no further costs for trucking companies. The one-time registration fee is payable from the 10th of June 2024 and is due by the 15th of July 2024 at the latest in order to grant the driver continued access to the terminal.

As a trucking company, you can purchase the passify GoKey for all your drivers in one step via the passify trucking portal. This licence key is automatically assigned to your drivers. If you would like to get access to the passify trucking portal, simply send a short email with your company name, the email address of the person who will be using the trucking portal and the approximate number of drivers who will be using passify to:


As a trucking company, there are no additional costs apart from the 25 euros for the passify GoKey. The one-off registration fee is payable from the 10th of June 2024 and is due by the 15th of July 2024 at the latest in order to grant the driver continued access to the terminal.


Yes, the passify trucking portal will be available from the 10th of June 2024, in which the payment process for trucking companies is mapped and you as a trucking company can manage your drivers. Would you like access to the passify trucking portal? Write a short email with your company name, the email address of the person who would use the trucking portal and the approximate number of drivers who will use passify to:


If you have any questions or comments about the obligation of passify at the HHLA terminals, please feel free to contact us at any time at the following e-mail address: 

If you have any questions about the passify app and the passify GoKey, please send an e-mail to