B.Eng. in Construction Engineering (m/f/d)

Get to know the specialisations of civil engineering in all facets: you will plan, calculate, construct, organise, and learn to build and manage. You can acquire a variety of practical and theoretical knowledge if you choose the dual study course offered by HHLA in cooperation with Hochschule 21 in Buxtehude. The programme has seven semesters and a total of 210 ECTS credits.


As a dual study course student, you will acquire a broad range of basic knowledge about the planning, design, construction, execution and maintenance of building constructions, civil engineering structures, transport infrastructure and other physical structures. In the higher semesters, you can expand your knowledge by taking elective subjects, such as in the fields reinforced concrete construction, construction management or computer-aided highway engineering.

The practical education portion consists of getting to know HHLA's main construction projects in Hamburg and, if you want, locations abroad. As an integral part of project teams, you will gain in-depth knowledge in your areas of specialisation, such as in underground construction, and can use your knowledge to ensure terminal sustainability.

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What you can expect

You are goal-oriented, a great communicator, have analytical thinking skills and enjoy technology. We require a good A level-equivalent with good grades in English, German, and mathematics.


What you bring to the table