Hydrogen Refuelling Station at HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort

The hydrogen refuelling station at HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort provides the necessary infrastructure to accelerate the transition to emission-free heavy goods logistics and port operations and further advance the decarbonisation of logistics.

Equipment such as straddle carriers, empty container stackers, forklift trucks, reach stackers, tractor units and trucks can be efficiently refuelled with green hydrogen at 350 bar in the Port of Hamburg. The refuelling station is open to the public for commercial vehicles and thus offers other companies the opportunity to test climate-friendly transport solutions. The HHLA launched the HHLA Hydrogen Network project in 2020, to the potential of hydrogen in its its own business segments and beyond. This project forms the framework for all hydrogen activities at HHLA.

Procedure: External use of the hydrogen refuelling station

  1. Registration: Before you can use our hydrogen refuelling station at Container Terminal Tollerort in Hamburg, you need to register once via our passify app. When registering, it is necessary to specify a company. In addition, we ask you to register by e-mail (H2-Tankstelle@hhla.de) at least five working days before your first planned visit in order to ensure an annual briefing. During the briefing, you will receive a fuel card, which is required to use the hydrogen refuelling station.
  2. Booking via passify: After accepting the terms and conditions of the refuelling station via passify, book a time period for your arrival and enter your fuel card number. Confirm that your fuel cell commercial vehicle is suitable for refuelling at 350 bar according to DEP-Map D.
  3. Authentication at the gate: On arrival at our HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort in Hamburg, authenticate yourself at Gate B using the passify app.
  4. Processing at the gate: Our gate staff confirm your entry via passify.
  5. Escort to the refuelling station: Our security service will accompany you to the station and back later.
  6. Refuelling: Present your fuel card at the pump to track the amount of hydrogen you have filled up.
  7. Payment: The invoice is sent to you by e-mail and is payable within 30 days.

Terms and conditions for the use of the hydrogen refuelling station, German (PDF)

Instructions passify (PDF)

Access to the hydrogen filling station is in a test phase until the end of August 2024. If you would like to use the station, please contact the HHLA hydrogen team. If you have any questions or need support, we will be happy to help you. Simply contact us by e-mail at: H2-Tankstelle@hhla.de.