B.Sc. in Logistics Management (m/f/d)

The spots for dual study courses for the start of 2022 are already assigned. We are pleased to receive your application for the start of 2023 starting june 2022.


Learn about every aspect of core logistics disciplines: Transport logistics, supply chain management and risk management. The course at the Hamburg School of Business Administration, held primarily in English, will enable you to fulfil an important role in port and transport logistics. The business studies course with a practical focus takes six semesters and covers 180 ECTS points. The course admits a maximum of 30 students.

The course

Handling and transporting containers and coordinating the flow of goods are the main aspects of HHLA’s business. This involves certain risks and legal challenges, which you will get to know both through your studies as well as in your practical work. Warehousing is also important.  In the first year you will build up a foundation of business knowledge. The share of logistics-specific modules will increase over the duration of the course. The course also includes a broad range of seminars, foreign language options and a period of practical work abroad.

The practical aspect of the training will mainly be performed at the container terminals and in the fields of intermodal traffic and logistics. Integrated into project teams, you will gain detailed knowledge of various processes at the terminals. As the temporary lead on projects, you will be able to test your newly gained knowledge and prove what you have learned.

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The details

You’re focused, have strong communication skills and solid analytical abilities. We require above average A level-equivalent with good marks in English, German and maths.

Our requirements