B.Sc. in Computer Engineering / IT Engineering (m/f/d)

The spots for dual study courses for the start of 2023 are already assigned. 


Blending technology and computer sciences is the basic idea behind a computer engineering degree. Due to the ongoing digitalisation of all parts of the economy, more and more devices are using embedded intelligence. The use of intelligent systems is particularly necessary in the "Internet of Things” and "Industry 4.0" environments and in cyber-physical systems in general. You can acquire a variety of practical and theoretical knowledge if you choose the dual study course offered by HHLA in cooperation with Nordakademie in Elmshorn. The programme has seven semesters and a total of 210 ECTS credits.


You’ll be a tech genius and an IT guru in one, making you extremely attractive for any company! That is why the degree programme is so demanding. The dual study course in Computer Engineering/IT Engineering (B.Sc.) closes the gap between industrial engineering and computer science studies. You will expand your basic IT knowledge by attending modules on the core areas of modern IT and software development. An essential part of the programme is examining cyber-physical systems and the intelligent network of various hardware and software components. In addition, students are taught basic business skills.

The practical education portion consists of learning the essential technical and IT processes in transshipment at the container terminals at the port of Hamburg and the locations abroad. You will work in several IT and technology departments and will become an integral part of project teams right from the start. As such, you might be involved in the development of systems in which mechanical and electronic components have to be monitored and controlled by software, and you will have the chance to witness the fruits of your labour first-hand in operational processes. The programme is completed by a wide range of seminars and foreign language classes.

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What you can expect

You are goal-oriented, a great communicator, have analytical thinking skills and enjoy technology. We require a good A level-equivalent with good grades in English, German, and mathematics.


What you bring to the table