Drone operation

HHLA Sky offers end-to-end solutions for industrial application and safe drone operation. The company has developed an integrated control centre which allows safe operation of numerous drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). This enables customers to seamlessly coordinate the parallel operation of more than 100 drones for various tasks. Control centres, and the related software licences for the control center operations, can be purchased by the customer or rented including the full range of services. 

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HHLA Sky operates its own industry drones, which are extremely robust and equipped with all available safety technology. They were developed for use in critical infrastructures such as secure areas on company property.  This in-house development was necessary since most drones do not yet meet all necessary safety and cybersecurity requirements.  HHLA Sky drones are suitable for a wide variety of tasks. Aside from the usual transport of documents, spare parts and material samples, they can also undertake inspections, monitoring, measurements and thermal scans. With the appropriate adapters, cameras and tools, nearly every challenge can be solved.

HHLA Sky services can be offered 24/7 and supplemented by clearly defined hotline times. In addition, remote diagnosis and remote maintenance of all systems is included in the service package.

Contact persons

Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Gronstedt

Managing Director

Mobile +49 171 9704455

Hasibullah Mirzada

Service Manager

Mobile +49 151 56614326