B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (m/f/d)

The spots for dual study courses for the start of 2021 are already assigned. We are pleased to receive your application for the start of 2022 starting july 2021.


On their way to becoming specialists and senior executives, industrial engineers receive a broad range of tools to work with. They receive comprehensive technical and in-depth business training with a qualification and practical experience in the company. HHLA, together with Nordakademie in Elmshorn, offers a dual study course in this field. It takes seven semesters and covers 210 ECTS points.

The course

The students learn the basics of engineering, electrical engineering and information technology in the engineering-specific modules of the course. As they will also be gaining business knowledge, they can directly examine the economic and legal aspects of technical solutions. Over the course of their studies they will also be looking at disciplines such as production and quality management, investment goods marketing, managerial accounting and finance. The course also includes a broad range of seminars and foreign language options.

In the practical part of the training you will get to know the essential technical and economic processes relating to seaport handling at HHLA’s container terminals in Hamburg, with the option of also working at locations abroad. This includes working in managerial accounting, technology coordination and terminal development. Terminal development is a decentralised planning department that ensures the future viability of the terminal and creates concepts for procuring equipment and renovations. In project teams, you will gain in-depth insight into specialist areas such as automation and heavy machinery technology and take on interdisciplinary tasks like the optimisation of the yard crane systems that automatically take containers to and from the container yard.

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The details

You’re focused, have strong communication skills and solid analytical abilities. We require above average A level-equivalent with good marks in English, German, maths and physics.

Our requirements