ESG Investments

In addition to financial aspects, non-financial or ESG indicators (ESG: Environment, Social, Governance) are playing an increasingly important role in the valuation of companies on the capital market.

As a responsible company, HHLA has been reporting extensively on its non-financial performance since 2011. In addition to the legally required information in the non-financial report, HHLA reports in a separate sustainability report and applies the internationally recognized reporting standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In addition, HHLA supports the 17 goals for sustainable development in the world adopted by the United Nations, the so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability reporting and further detailed information on sustainability at HHLA can be found in the Responsibility section.


ESG rating

HHLA is regularly evaluated by ESG rating agencies for its sustainability performance. Below you will find an overview of our current ESG rating.

InstitutionScale (high to low)  Rating
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)A to D-B
CSRHUB100 to 089
ESG RefinitivA+ to D-B
Gaia ESG Research100 to 057
S&P Global ESG100 to 020
Sustainalytics 0 to 100Low Risk (15,3)

Last update: February 2024

Note: This list may not be complete and may change from time to time. We update the list periodically, but undertake no obligation to do so. Any opinions, estimates or forecasts made by these rating agencies on HHLA's performance are not opinions, forecasts or predictions of HHLA or its management.