Tasks and composition of the Supervisory Board

The Executive and Supervisory Board of HHLA work closely together for the company's benefit. The Supervisory Board advises and monitors the Executive Board’s management of business and is involved in fundamental and important decisions. It also appoints the member of the Executive Board and is responsible for auditing and approving the annual financial statement and approving the Group's consolidated financial statement.

The Supervisory Board of HHLA consists of a total of twelve members. Six members are elected by the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG). The remaining six are elected by the employees in accordance with the German Co-Determination Act (MitbestG). The members are elected for a period of five years. The term of the current Supervisory Board expires at the end of the Annual General Meeting, which decides on the discharge of the Supervisory Board for the financial year 2026.

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