Warehouse logistics

  • Storage (customs warehouse) of pallets, boxes, barrels, forestry products and other packages, and transhipment on all carriers
  • There are powerful mobile cranes in operation at HHLA Frucht and UNIKAI for conventional handling; even frozen products can be packed and stored
  • This is also the case in Muuga / Estonia (TK), where goods can also be stored in a duty-free zone. 

Contact persons

Hartmut Wolberg

Unikai Lagerei- und Speditionsgesellschaft

Managing Director

Phone +49 40 72002-100

Vladislav Primakov

HHLA TK Estonia AS

Sales Department

Account Manager

Mobile +372 58859889

Lars Erven

Frucht- und Kühl-Zentrum (FKZ)


Commercial Director

Phone +49 40 3088-7335

Axel Hoeckrich

Frucht- und Kühl-Zentrum (FKZ)

Managing Director

Phone +49 40 3088-7352

Mobile +49 151 16583413