I. General provisions

Article 1 Company, registered office

(1) The name of the company is “Hamburger Hafen und Logistik Aktiengesellschaft”.

(2) The company has its registered office in Hamburg.


Article 2 Object of the company

(1) The object of the company is, first and foremost, the management of and participation in companies which are active in the business and the provision of services in the areas of transport and logistics, particularly in the business fields  of seaport business and hinterland traffic, as well as the ­acquisition, maintenance, sale, lease, management and development of real estate, particularly real estate in Hamburg’s historical Speicherstadt warehouse district and its fish market. In order to support the core area of business described in sentence 1, the company is also entitled to offer and ­provide services and to develop and manufacture products, systems, equipment and solutions (including software) and  associated applications in these areas as well as in the areas of additive manufacturing  and information technology as well as in areas related to each of these areas. The company is also entitled to carry out all auxiliary transactions and ancillary business related to the object of the company.

(2) The company shall be entitled to operate in all areas mentioned in paragraph 1 itself, to establish and to acquire companies in Germany and abroad – including for the purpose of administration of its own assets –, to acquire interests in such companies alone or together with third parties, to sell such companies in whole or in part, to enter into cooperation agreements with third parties and to outsource parts of its business activities to companies in which it holds interests. In the latter case, the company may restrict itself to the management of the interest. 

(3) The part of the company that deals with acquiring, maintaining, selling, leasing, managing and developing real estate which is not specific to port handling, particularly real estate in Hamburg’s historical Speicherstadt warehouse district and the fish market (Real Estate subgroup), is described in ­article 31 of these articles of association and is referred to as “S division”. All other parts of the company (Port Logistics subgroup) are referred to as the “A division” in these articles of association. The business activities of the company and its subsidiaries in the S division shall be conducted with special regard to interests of urban development, tourism and the preservation of historical monuments.