Financial targets

Growth and efficiency as guiding principles for the future development of HHLA

Medium-term targets

Investments of around € 800 million until 2022 to grow organically
Funding investments from own funds and free cash flow
Growing inorganically and achieve a positive value contribution
Keeping net debt / EBITDA in investment grade territory
Pursuing a dividend policy and distributing 50-70 % of net profit

Long-term targets

Strong market position
Smart investment and efficiency programmes
New business fields

EBIT in 2025 of € 300 million*

* Based on current assumptions and estimates; assuming progress in Elbe dredging

Non-financial targets

Target 2020
Reduce CO2 emissions
per handled container
by at least 30 %
Target 2030
Halve absolute CO2 emissions
Target 2040
Climate neutralitiy