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HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder, Hamburg

The Container Terminal Altenwerder, or CTA for short, is HHLA's newest handling facility in Hamburg. The highly automated terminal has been one of the most modern of its kind since it went into operation in 2002. Since 2019, it has also been the world's first certified climate-neutral container terminal.

Table of Contents

00:13 - 01:23  Terminal overview

01:23 - 03:19  Ship handling

03:19 - 05:46  Automated guided vehicles

05:46 - 07:33  Block storage

07:33 - 09:39  Terminal railway station

09:39 - 11:24  Truck handling

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HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai, Hamburg

At HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai, CTB for short, the first steel boxes were unloaded in Hamburg in 1968. Today almost every third container in the Port of Hamburg is handled here. Thanks to ongoing modernization and technical and infrastructural adjustments to meet current needs, Burchardkai can efficiently handle the world's largest container ships with a cargo capacity of 24,000 TEU and more.

Table of Contents

00:13 - 01:25  Terminal overview

01:25 - 03:03  Ship handling

03:03 - 04:20  Container transport with van carriers

04:20 - 05:21  Block storage

05:21 - 06:32  Terminal railway station 

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HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort, Hamburg

HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort, CTT for short, is characterized by its compact and flexible container handling facilities. Van carriers with environmentally friendly drive systems stack the steel boxes in four layers and ensure efficient use of space, which is being optimized by the terminal's conversion. As at CTB, the largest container ships can also be handled here.

Table of Contents

00:13 - 01:07  Terminal overview

01:07 - 02:09  Ship handling

02:09 - 03:10  Container transport with van carriers

03:10 - 04:13  Terminal railway station

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HHLA’s subsidiary Metrans provides highly frequent rail connections from the seaports on the North Sea and the Adriatic in order to serve the export-oriented economies of Central Europe. The company is the market leader for seaport-hinterland container traffic with Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. The company’s own inland terminals, special locomotives and environmentally friendly container wagons make flexible, high-quality services possible. Metrans offers complete customer service, covering trucking, Customs clearance, container storage and other essentials.

Table of Contents

00:13 - 02:47  Terminal Prague

02:47 - 07:40  Terminal Budapest

07:40 - 10:20  Mainline and shunting locos

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HHLA Real Estate

HHLA Real Estate develops special quarters and unique properties with a port connection. Founded for the construction of Hamburg's Speicherstadt, the company still manages the world's largest former warehouse complex, but has expanded its portfolio to include Hamburg's fishing port area and numerous commercial and logistics properties in the port area.

Table of Contents

00:10 - 03:07 Overflight of the Speicherstadt (view towards east)

03:07 - 07:37 Overflight of the Speicherstadt (view towards west/Elbphilharmonie)

07:37 - 09:52 Flight through the canals

09:52 - 11:10 Visitor bridge MiWuLa

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