Tips for applying successfully to HHLA

The prospects for joining HHLA are as varied as the range of tasks we offer you.  Have you come across a job advertisement that interests you and would you like to apply to HHLA?  Here we explain how the application process works and what we watch out for in an application.  

Hacks for your application

The better you prepare your application documents, the easier you will find it to send off your application.  We ask for a cover letter, CV and credentials to be included in the attachments – whereby the cover letter is optional.  In the video, we show you what we believe makes for a very good cover letter.  

Your CV should be clearly structured. To this end, we recommend creating thematic blocks and listing your most recent information first.  Subsections detailing the most relevant roles you have performed in each position make your CV more readable and comprehensible.  Your credentials (e.g. academic certificates and references) round off your application documents. 

All videos have English subtitles which you can activate by clicking the cc-button next to the timeline.

Our Applicant Portal

Once you have prepared your application documents, apply directly under Job Offers on our website and give the start signal for your career at HHLA! 

Click on "Apply Now" in the vacancy that interests you. We will then guide you through the application form step by step. We only need a few details from you, your application only takes a few minutes and you receive confirmation of receipt straight away. This is followed by a review, pre-selection and transfer of the documents you submitted to the relevant department.   

We are diversity

People of different generations come together and we promote equal opportunities for all employees. We learn from this diversity every day.

Discover diversity

Inside Recruiting

Much more than just recruiting

Finding the right candidate for the right job – this is the goal our recruitment officers clearly have in mind.  This task involves much more than just selecting applicants however.   

To inspire potential employees from the outset, we give insights into working at HHLA and the attractive benefits we offer.  Additional employer branding measures aim to ensure that we reach the right people for our existing and future vacancies. This is the only way for us to find ideal candidates who fit into our teams.   

Marikka's motivation to recruit

No two days are the same for Marikka, our recruitment officer. She interacts with a broad range of people, confers with our managers on a regular basis about the status of open vacancies, and sifts through profiles and interviews applicants.  

You can see what she likes best about her job in the video. 

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