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Diversity is a fundamental value for HHLA, which we actively live and promote. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce not only forms the basis for a dynamic and innovative working environment, but is also crucial to our long-term success. On this page, you can learn how we strategically embed diversity and inclusion in the company and what measures we derive. 

Torben Seebold, Member of the Executive Board and Labour Director

"Diversity is our capital and an opportunity to pursue innovative and creative paths together - for a well-positioned HHLA of the future."

Torben Seebold, Member of the Executive Board and Labour Director

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We are aware that figures, such as the number of nationalities or the average age, say little about how inclusive our processes are and how inclusive we act. However, we value evidence-based cultural change and are constantly working to improve our data. 


Sustainable anchoring of diversity at HHLA

Raising awareness of diversity and inclusion

For many people, the topic of diversity is still abstract. That is why it is important to raise awareness. We do this via various communication channels, through training, workshops or event-related campaigns.

Encouraging and demanding commitment

In order to reach everyone in the company, we not only rely on a clear attitude from the management, we also promote the commitment of our employees, for example by strengthening networks or implementing mentoring programmes.

Realisation of the plans

Realising diversity requires clear steps. We review HR processes, from recruitment and employer branding to personnel development, for diversity and adapt them where necessary. 

Our vision for diversity at HHLA

Diversity and inclusion should not be "add-on" topics in the long term. They should be considered in all processes, regardless of whether project teams are being put together, new hires and promotions are being planned or co-operations are being implemented. We want to offer everyone a working environment that is diversity-competent, inclusive and open so that everyone can fully utilise their talents.  


What we have already achieved

Contact points

An interview with our "Head of Diversity and Inclusion"

Anchoring diversity and inclusion in a truly sustainable way is worthwhile, but also involves a lot of work. After all, the topic goes far beyond quotas for women and rainbow flags. 


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Compliance, i.e. adherence to the legal provisions relevant to the company's activities and internal guidelines, is seen as an essential part of corporate governance at HHLA. We take our responsibility in this regard towards business partners, shareholders, employees and the public very seriously. "Diversity and inclusion is also part of our corporate guidelines.

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Our "Diversity and Inclusion" management team works closely with the representative body for employees with disabilities and the Inclusion Officer. In addition to regular dialogue, this also involves strategic networking in order to better understand the concerns of our employees with disabilities. 


Representative for severely disabled employees and inclusion officer


In order to make sustainability part of HHLA's DNA as a holistic strategy, we are changing our work processes, using innovative technologies, networking, optimising and analysing. We are driven by entrepreneurial behaviour with responsibility towards society, the environment and our employees.

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We signed the Diversity Charter in 2022, thereby committing to the implementation of sustainable diversity and inclusion management. The Diversity Charter is Germany's largest corporate initiative for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Charter of Diversity

Charter of Diversity


Diverse career opportunities at HHLA

Discover exciting career opportunities and strengthen our diverse teams. 


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