Innovations: Megatrends in logistics

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Rethink. Think further. Think ahead.

Will we soon see ships in the port that are powered by hydrogen and supplied with replacement parts fresh from the 3D printer by autonomous drones? Will global supply chains be interconnected so that artificial intelligence independently regulates supply and demand? How can we design the future of logistics?

HHLA works to identify megatrends and to derive technological innovations from them every day. Since 1885, the company has sought out new logistics solutions that will open the gateway to the future. This has been recognized and awarded many times, for example, FOCUS Money named HHLA the most innovative company in its segment in 2022. We introduce the most important current trends and projects on this page.

Artificial intelligence

How can artificial intelligence (AI) help us successfully manage future logistical challenges? Many basic ideas, concepts and successful applications already exist in practice.

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Digitalised supply chains

Digitalisation not only creates new business models and digital twins, it provides global data networks that allow carriers, production sites and warehouse tenants to communicate optimally.

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Drone technology

Drones can do much more than just make express deliveries. They are universal tools that recognise dangers from the sky, control traffic, coordinate disaster aid and manage inventory tasks completely autonomously ... though some preconditions must still be created for their use.

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Automation cannot replace humans, but it makes many processes more efficient. It will lead to the elimination of difficult, undemanding jobs and to the creation of new positions. What can already be managed more easily from a control centre today?

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Hydrogen as a fuel source

Hydrogen is valued as an emission-free energy source that can be used to stop climate change – but first, it must be researched. Companies from different sectors are working together to build an innovation cluster in Hamburg that will develop expertise for the future.

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We combine the expertise of HHLA with the agility of a start-up in order to promote innovative, digital ideas and actively help shape the transport of the future.

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Funding management

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting is renowned worldwide for its consultation services. In addition, HPC assists German and European port and transport companies and authorities with the development and implementation of funding projects. HPC has successfully facilitated numerous IHATEC research applications.