An important part of corporate governance at HHLA is compliance with statutory provisions which apply for its business activities as well as internal policies (hereinafter referred to as “Compliance”). In this respect HHLA takes its responsibility towards business partners, shareholders, employees and the public very seriously.

As the core element of the Compliance management system, HHLA has introduced a Code of Conduct. The Code contains superior principles with respect to specific Compliance topics such as business conduct in competition, prevention of corruption, conflicts of interest and handling of confidential information.

HHLA Code of Conduct (PDF)

The Code also comprises the possibility for employees and third parties to submit notifications or hints about irregular behaviour in the company. All notifications are treated confidentially and can also be submitted anonymously.

Contact details whistleblower hotline (PDF)
Data protection information whistleblower system (PDF)

Professional training and intra-company media are employed to continuously inform the staff about the contents of the Code of Conduct, as well as further in-depth subjects such as corruption prevention and behaviour towards competitors. The Group-wide coordination of the Compliance management system is managed by the Group Compliance Officer, who cooperates – inter alia - with the risk management and internal audit department. To preserve his independence, the Group Compliance Officer reports directly to the Executive Board and the Audit Committee. In addition he acts as an advisor and contact person for the staff and external parties in case of emerging questions concerning Compliance.

In order to protect the interests and the confidence of all stakeholders, HHLA continuously enhances and improves the current Compliance management system.