Chancellor impressed by innovative HHLA terminal

An eminent visit at HHLA: on Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA), one of the most modern terminals in the world.

She was welcomed by the Chairwoman of HHLA’s Executive Board, Angela Titzrath, and Hamburg’s First Mayor, Dr Peter Tschentscher. At the CTA, the Chancellor learnt about innovations that HHLA is currently working on, for example drone technology and 3D printing. She was impressed by how quickly Hamburg has made use of the logistical opportunities provided by automation and digitisation: “We’ve seen partially self-driving vehicles that are also environmentally friendly. Seizing upon this digitisation in full is indeed vital to be able to keep up with the competition,” explained Merkel, adding that Hamburg should assert itself in the competition with other ports as a European hub. “As a result, new ideas have to be implemented quickly at the ports. Ms Titzrath’s team does just that.”

Chancellor Merkel also put her visit to the Port of Hamburg into global context. She stressed the significance of barrier-free global trade without protectionist measures. She also spoke in favour of shaping the Silk Road project so that all partners receive their fair share. “This visit is of particular importance to me because I could see how globalisation works on a practical level, and indeed how it works so that people can benefit from it. That is the approach of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, and that is the approach of Ms Titzrath.”