Economic sustainability means making a continuous contribution to the well-being of society. All stakeholders should profit from HHLA’s activities. A basic requirement for this is a healthy financial base. Here, HHLA sees innovation and technical excellence as crucial elements in developing sustainable solutions and strengthening the future viability of the company.


Added value & innovation

As the largest port in Germany by far, the Port of Hamburg directly and indirectly employs over 165,000 people in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. It is one of the most important economic features of northern Germany and, as a hub of international trade, plays an indisputably key role for Germany’s entire economic system. HHLA wants to contribute continuously to the well-being of societies wherever it is present.


HHLA is the gateway to the future

We have been a start-up since 1885 because we constantly reinvent ourselves and don’t allow headwinds to blow us off course.


Business partners

With a yearly purchasing volume in the triple-digit millions, cooperation with our suppliers is a top priority for us. Our purchasing conditions, contracts and supplier code of conduct ensure that standards are maintained and all relevant laws and regulations observed. In addition to that, a supplier survey covering topics relevant to sustainability helps strengthen our suppliers’ awareness of our sustainable company culture.