The Port of Hamburg owes its good reputation to the motivated staff members who master our technology and processes. HHLA contributed to this back in 1927 with the founding of a quayside technical college, and has been continuously offering excellent training and education ever since. Furthermore, the company stands for optimal and safe working conditions and modern labour agreements.

Its social responsibility also extends to include the transfer of knowledge and dialogue about port logistics topics. For this, HHLA implements numerous projects to give port experts big and small insights into the maritime economy.

Health and occupational safety

The continuous shift work at the terminals requires comprehensive occupational safety management to cover both HHLA staff members and all other people who are at the terminals. The Hamburg Office for Occupational Safety recognised the Service Centers Burchardkai and Altenwerder for their exemplary occupational safety systems. The positive effect of our occupational safety management team is particularly visible in the number of occupational accidents: These fell by almost 40% from 2014 to 2019.

Social responsibility

Our Port Scouts project offers hands-on maritime expertise. Since 2015, pupils have been offered a look behind the scenes at Germany’s largest seaport as part of daily excursions to experience how global trade works. The bus tours of the terminals in the Port of Hamburg offered in cooperation with the bus company Jasper have been suspended due to corona. Before the start of the pandemic, these tours recorded around 50,000 visitors a year.

Tour of the giants

Every year, approximately 50,000 visitors take bus tours of the terminals for an exclusive look at the container port.


Working world

Knowledge, health, motivation and an inclusive company culture are not only important factors for the satisfaction of staff members – they are also a basic requirement for the long-term success of the company. The human resource policy of HHLA is future-oriented: with high investments in training and education, a comprehensive preventive health system and constant modernisation of its remuneration systems, HHLA sets the standard for an active human resource policy. Through the HHLA capital plan, we also provide increased security in old age and make the company pension scheme much more attractive.