HHLA Sky has focused on a particularly innovative control centre technology for the promising and dynamically growing drone market. In just a short time, a platform was developed which will centrally and simultaneously control entire fleets of drones at different locations around the world. HHLA has been awarded multiple prizes for the world’s first scalable drone control centre, including the German Innovation Award in 2021.

This control centre is a complete solution that clearly and simply maps the entire process from planning, scheduling and flight to data provision and documentation of the mission. HHLA Sky also builds and implements special, very robust and safe industrial drones. The control centre can control other autonomous mobile robots (AMR) as well as the flying drones.

Safety comes first in all the supported processes. The entire system, including the communication between the drones and the integrated control centre, was certified by TÜV NORD according to the cybersecurity industry standard IEC 62443.

With a farsighted system to the future

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With a farsighted system to the future

HHLA’s newest technical system is globally unique. HHLA Sky has developed a drone system for the industrial sector that allows operators to simultaneously monitor more than 100 aircraft, even if they have flown hundreds of kilometres beyond their visual line of sight.

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