HHLA Sky, winner of the German Innovation Award 2021, has developed the first globally scalable end-to-end drone system. The system enables drones to be operated safely beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS). Customers can integrate the system into their own business processes independently, or use it as a service operated by HHLA Sky. In these cases, the HHLA subsidiary will analyse their requirements, work with them to find a custom, often highly specialised solution, and implement it for them.

HHLA Sky’s industrial drones, which are developed in-house, are extremely robust, very light and equipped with all available safety technology. In principle, they can carry out every conceivable assignment from civil and industrial safety at airports and industrial sites, to environmental monitoring and surveying grounds and buildings. For the most part, drones collect specific data on behalf of customers or transmit real-time images using extremely powerful cameras.

HHLA Sky also installs complete drone control centres. These system control centres monitor both their own and unfamiliar drones. The associated software and ancillary information systems were developed by HHLA Sky in-house and can be purchased for use on a licensed basis.

With a farsighted system to the future

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With a farsighted system to the future

HHLA’s newest technical system is globally unique. HHLA Sky has developed a drone system for the industrial sector that allows operators to simultaneously monitor more than 100 aircraft, even if they have flown hundreds of kilometres beyond their visual line of sight.

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The flying ace

Sven Howar has been the operations manager and a drone pilot at HHLA Sky right from the start. Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG’s start-up intends to establish itself in the new market for drone services.

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