Keeping the port running smoothly

Huge cranes, automated container yards and automated guided vehicles form today’s picture of the Port of Hamburg. Of course, these machines are only as capable as the technical employees who run them. Service technicians work hand in hand with engineers, foremen, skilled automation and electrical engineering workers, mechatronics engineers and mechanics to maintain and repair it all.

Working in technology doesn’t just mean repairing problems when they arise, but also keeping a preventive eye on processes. It also means acquiring up-to-date technical equipment as well as commissioning and further developing different kinds of large-scale machinery. The key is to always find sustainable, innovative solutions.

The 40 engineers of the HHLA central technical department manage Container segment technology projects. The Service Center Burchardkai (SCB) is HHLA’s biggest maintenance operation. The 200 employees who work here need and develop numerous special skills, such as doing their own welding on the handling equipment. At the Terminal Tollerort (CTT) as well, employees in the technical department manage maintenance and repair (M&R) and resolve disruptions. State-of-the-art technology like the condition monitoring of container gantry cranes with drones is used. The Service Center Altenwerder (SCA) deals with especially highly automated technology every day. With their analyses, inspections and repairs, all these employees ensure the availability of port facilities and equipment around the clock. The maintenance operations at the Hamburg terminals and the central technical department maintain a close dialogue in order to make optimal use of their comprehensive knowledge.